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A Sampaio & Filhos Texteis, Acatel, Albano Morgado, Anbievolution, Anjos E Lourenço, Brito Knitting, Burel Factory, Clariause, Crispim Abreu, Familitex, Fitecom, Joaps, Le Europe / La Estampa, Lemar, Lima & Companhia, Lma , Lurdes Sampaio, Magma Textil, Moldelmalhas, Miguel Antunes Fernandes / Filasa, Modelmalhas, NGS Malhas, R Lobo, RDD, Siena, Texser - Textil Serzedelo, Tintex Textiles , Trimalhas and Troficolor are the Portuguese companies that make up the From Portugal delegation in yet another edition of the renowned Première Vision Paris trade show, accompanied by the Portuguese companies Adalberto Estampados, Inovafil, JFA, João & Feliciano, Paulo de Oliveira, Penteadora, Somelos also join Fabrics, Tearfil, Tessimax and TMG Textiles.

Considered the benchmark fair in the textile sector, the physical return of Première Vision will count with the visit of the Portuguese government, which once again will witness a significant Portuguese presence in the textiles area, but also in the yarns (Clariause) and manufacturing (Anjos & Lourenço, Lima & Companhia, R Lobo and Siena) sectors. On September 22nd, the agenda includes the visit of the Secretary of State for the Economy and Digital Transition, João Correia Neves, to the Portuguese exhibitors participating in the fair. On the following day, September 23rd, the Portuguese government will be represented by Eurico Brilhante Dias, Secretary of State for Internationalization.

The event, which will take place from September 21st to 23rd in Paris, is also available digitally from September 20th to 24th, a format that will feature more than 900 exhibitors, with emphasis on novelties in the fabrics and knits areas. As in previous editions, Portugal will be represented by a strong delegation of companies motivated by the physical return of the Parisian fair.

It’s the case of TINTEX, which elected PV Paris as its first and only participation in international fairs in 2021. “It is our chosen space”, explains Ricardo Silva, CEO. The company will present “This is Not a Collection”, a new approach that intends to present a timeless clothing line. “The big trend is to end collections and bet on continuous small lines. We are going to present three-dimensional meshes where, once again, the tactile component is favoured”, adds the CEO of Tintex.

Also taking novelties to Paris, Fitecom reinforces the bet on ecological products. “We will present option in recycled polyester and other in 100% Portuguese virgin wool. Also in terms of combined fabrics, we bet big in fabrics adapted through membranes or glue for the industrial production of suits, skirts, etc.

After a very successful participation in trade shows in Milan and Munich, ModelMalhas does not hide its expectations for this edition of PV Paris. “It's a global fair where we hope to find French, Belgian and even American and Canadian customers”, says John Gomes, salesperson for the company who will bring to the French capital new knits and yarns, emphasizing “yarns with carbon fibre, bioceramic applications and antibacterial finishes”.

Meeting regular customers and making new contacts are the two main goals of Trimalhas, a regular presence at PV Paris. “We believe that in this particular edition we will mainly find European customers, as it will still be difficult for Americans to travel to Paris, but we are confident anyway. PV is a big fair, and that's why we believe it will go well”, considers Carolina Pinto da Trimalhas.

A somewhat similar view has Crispim Abreu, who believes that PV Paris will be the “reentré of the post covid era”. “People are eager to get back into physical contact. We're going to present a wider range of circular knits developed using either natural fibres or recycled polyester, as well as structured knits with designs and double knits”, reveals João Abreu.

With more 20 participations in the bag, Lemar will also return to Première Vision, and according to Flávio Dias, the company’s export sale, this trade show “is a privileged showcase and a meeting point for old and new customers from all over the world. Our participation in Première Vision Paris has always been very positive. We usually work very well in the French, Italian, English, Spanish, American and Japanese markets”, he adds.

Magma Têxtil is eagerly participating for the first time in the Parisian event. In addition to the new collection, where sustainability is king, the company will present “products made with an exclusive MAGMA yarn, as well as an exclusive MAGMA mesh construction”, explains Tiago Castro, International Sales of the company.

Another PV debutante is Anbievolution, which after getting to know markets such as the Italian, German, British, and North American, now decides to take place in what they consider to be “the best European trade show”. “We are going to present a diversified new collection in which sustainability is the focus point. More and more customers in general are asking for sustainable fabrics and, therefore, we have to keep innovating”, reveals André Andrade.

Le Europe / La Estampa returns to Paris for its 5th participation in the fair. “The results have always been good in terms of attracting new clients and agents, in addition to networking. The most successful market is the European, but this year we want to expand our prospecting”, reveals Joana Silva, who also reveals that the company will present at the PV “the digital, interactive and exclusive service platform LE EUROPE”.

Assiduous presence at the Paris fair, Albano Morgado returns for this edition with a series of novelties, namely the STANDARD 100 certification issued by OEKO-TEX®. “If, on the one hand, we bet on Chanel-type fabrics with vibrant colours, which convey boldness, on the other hand we will present an ecological line of fabrics, where raw, beige and brown fabrics predominate, and tranquillity and peace are reflected”, says Belmira Rodrigues, from A. Morgado.

Circular economy will be the main focus of the collection to be presented by Troficolor at PV, which, accordingly to Sofia Azevedo, “is a mandatory stopover for professionals from the most important international brands, especially in this return to the physical format, so essential for the textile sector. This will be our 16th edition and our expectations are to expand our business volume, either through new clients or by hardening our relationship with the current ones”, adds Troficolor’s export Sales Manager.

The iTechstyle Green Circle will also be present once again in Paris, in a preview of what will be possible to see at Modtissimo on October 7th and 8th. The next edition of iTechstyle Green Circle, to be held in Porto, is expected to be the largest ever, given the number of applications received. In Paris, will be showcased a total of 14 outfits, made with raw materials from eleven textile companies (also exhibiting at the fair), which are worked and transformed into unique pieces by the hands of the stylists invited to partake in the project. This showcase is the responsibility of Seletiva Moda and CITEVE, and is curated by Paulo Gomes from Manifesto Moda. 

Another highlight of the Portuguese participation is the From Portugal Trends Forum, which showcases most of the novelties of the Portuguese companies participating in this Autumn-Winter 22/23 edition of Première Vision. The link between creativity, innovation and social and ecological responsibility, hand in hand with high quality and innovative collections, will be highlighted. Among the trends, fibres from ethical origin, the traditional chess, plaid, and tartan motifs, as well as floral patterns, will steal the show.

The participation of Portuguese SME companies in PV Paris is framed by the From Portugal project, an initiative of Selectiva Moda and ATP - Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal, which aims to promote the internationalization of Portuguese companies in the fashion area. The “From Portugal” project is co-financed by Portugal 2020, within the scope of Compete 2020 - Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization, with an eligible support amount of € 11,042,311.82, of which € 6,065,501.91 comes from the European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund.