Associação Selectiva Moda
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Divided into the Fabrics, Yarns, Smart Creations, and Manufacturing areas, a record committee of From Portugal companies will be present at Première Vision Paris from the 7th to the 9th of February. Sustainability and innovation are the watchwords of the national collections, created to conquer the French market and the whole of Europe since it is the most international fair in this sector. Associação Selectiva Moda will also present with a Fabric Trends Forum and the iTechStyle Green Circle Showcase, organized in partnership with CITEVE. 


Fabrics: A. Sampaio, Acatel, Albano Morgado, Anbievolution, Brito Knitting, Burel Factory, Casa da Malha, CFM, Crispim Abreu, Familitex, Fitecom, Happy Probability, Joaps, Le Europe, Lemar, Luis Azevedo, Lurdes Sampaio, Magma Textil, NGS Malhas, Sidónios, Texser, TMG/MGL, Trimalhas e Troficolor

Yarns: Clariause, Inovafil, Miguel Antunes Fernandes (Filasa), Tearfil e Trifitrofa

Smart Creations: Lurdes Sampaio, Positive Materials (NOVA), Quinta & Santos (NOVA), RDD e Wonder Raw (NOVA)

Manufacturing: Anjos & Lourenço, Calvi (NOVA), Lima & Companhia, RLobo, Raith, Siena, Spring e TMR

Não SMC: Adalberto, Becri (NOVA), JF Almeida, Paulo de Oliveira, Penteadora, Riopele e Somelos

Others: LRT, Matias Araújo, Otojal, Polopique, Vilarinho e Vilartex

For Troficolor, Première Paris “is one of the most important events in the field of fashion”, so its objectives are to “disclose the products and strengthen its presence in the international context”, says CEO Carlos Serra. The company specializing in denim will be present with a timeless SS24 collection. “For this season, more than developing new articles, we seek to give diversity to the collection, giving new life to timeless fabrics from previous collections”, states the CEO highlighting the range of Tencel articles, Linen/Hemp articles, and ECRU ready-to-wear fabrics to be used in natural color without resorting to dyeing processes.

The French market was “a pleasant surprise” for Albano Morgado in 2022. Therefore, the company repeats its participation in PV. “We have focused our SS24 collection on developing fabrics with a focus on organic cotton and linen. The colors and patterns also gain great expression given the specificity of this market”, says Belmira Rodrigues, market manager, stressing that they prepare several options with rich fines, regular checks, and warm colors.

Casa da Malha participates for the third time to “take across borders what is the essence of the term From Portugal”. Specialized in circular knits made from premium raw materials, the company calls for a visit to the stand: “our presence will feature promising novelties, both in terms of structures and in terms of knit designs”, explains Mariana Moreira from the fabric department. With a sustainable focus, Casa da Malha highlights materials such as Seacell, Deocell, Tencel cellulosic fibers, Ecovero viscose, fruit derivatives, linen, and hemp, among others.

Focused on expanding the range of fabrics with sustainable or recycled fibers, Lemar leaves for Paris again with a luggage full of certified references and novelties with “QNOVA recycled polyamide and with the first-hand presentation of fabrics made with EVO, BIOCARE, C «BY NATURE and QCYCLE». “We know that PV is a very international fair, the natural focus will be to reinforce the French market, but we will have our complete commercial team present that manages markets all over the world”, says Flávio Dias, export sales manager.

With high expectations, Joaps will focus its offer on the SS24 collection “developed with sustainable fibers and finishes, both in terms of fashion and more functional fabrics”, says Carla Araújo, commercial.

Trimalhas presents its 'Protopia' collection at Première Vision, together with the permanent capsule 'Never Out of Stock'. Joana Forte, from the design department, highlights “knits such as American terry SLUMBER, in bamboo charcoal with an anti-allergic finish, which absorbs and decomposes harmful substances, the interlock dot-roma NEAT, in eco-clean modal/naia renew acetate, with low chemical impact and even the SHEEN jersey in recycled lurex”.

Consolidating markets, especially the French one, is on the goals list of Lurdes Sampaio. “We are once again presenting proposals in an ECO design concept using fibers such as hemp, nettle, and yak mixed with other sustainable fibers”, says CEO Maria Sá, also referring to the functionality of some proposals. “This edition, we will have a space in the Smart Creation area for the presentation of the RFIVEPROJECT, a circular economy project”, Maria Sá says, confident that it is yet another advance in the dissemination of made-in Portugal.

Still, on the sustainability wave, Familitex presents at Première Vision: a “100% natural and recyclable” cork knit accompanied by organic cotton; knitwear dyed with natural dyes, in partnership with Barceltinge dyeing, introduces Ana Lúcia Araújo from the design department. “Already within the scope of the premium line, the lavender-based aromatherapy mesh allows for a new experience for the consumer”.

With a constantly growing offer, Spring insists on its presence at Première Vision. “We have diversified the offer and explored far beyond the shirt business that has always been our core. This time we bring something new that we are very proud of, the B Corp certification. Being one of the first Portuguese clothing companies to achieve this certification is a source of great pride”, says Alexandra Carneiro, founder, and COO.

Continuing the internationalization process, Clariause, a dyeing and finishing company based in Riba d’Ave, will be presenting a new variety of natural dyes for dyeing wool fiber. “The whole dyeing process thus becomes more eco-friendly”, says Hugo Almeida, sales department.

Brito Knitting bets on thematic capsule collections: "soft toys with jacquards alluding to the time with recycled fibers, knits with Pima and Supima yarns, natural fibers such as Bambooe among the already present offer of organic cotton", says Paula Carneiro, from the commercial department. One of the remarkable innovations is the offer of knits “created in the first collaboration with national spinning partners, with carbon positive cotton yarns, traceable and with proven reduction of water consumption by around 20%“. Moreover, it includes SeaCell meshes with seaweed, Smartcell sensitive, and meshes with Sorona.

To intersect with the Nordic market, R Lobo returns to PV Paris. “We will present several innovations in knitwear, printing, and embroidery techniques, as well as accessories and clothing”, says CEO Carla Lobo.

With positive results from previous participations, Filasa presents innovative solutions to inspire customers and partners and help revive the business. “We are going to take advantage of the date to introduce our new collection with the new concept ‘Conscious yarns for conscious people’", shares Diogo Pedrosa, a company representative. Sustainable and certified raw materials and results from the reuse of waste and production surpluses compose the new collection.

Receiving regular French customers and conquering the Nordic market are the goals of Magma Têxtil. “The face-to-face fairs are and always will be the best vehicle to promote companies and provide networking between suppliers and customers”, underlines Joana Guimarães, textile designer. “The novelty of this collection is related to the fact that it is a total commitment to circularity and the use of materials. We seek to give our knits a second life, reinventing them to transform the old into something new.”

With a presence in the Smart Creations area, RDD guarantees participation full of news. “For the first time, RDD will present its most recent dyeing process, developed together with our partner Living Ink, using its Algae Ink, a black pigment produced from the waste of algae”, says Bárbara Leite, scientific researcher. “In this partnership, RDD developed and applied a dyeing process to the piece, using the pigment in question, achieving gray as the final color. As the first concrete result of this project resulted a collection, in partnership with our client Vollenack, which will also be at the fair”; details. Moreover, “it will present for the first time the ‘The Harvest' collection: a selection of knits with natural fibers, made from banana or pineapple waste, combined with organic cotton. All the fabrics to be presented were dyed with complementary pigmented colors, also inspired by natural elements such as avocado and rhubarb”, says Bárbara Leite. New meshes based on mixtures with Circulose fiber, a remarkable range of colors in the Colorfix process, and new colors in the Recycrom process are other highlights.

In the Smart Creations area, there is also Wonder Raw: “expectations are high, especially if we consider the receptivity we had to our project in the first edition. The products are the same. They are the core business: t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, and shorts”, says Luís Oliveira, CEO. “The business model is to have these five products already in stock, made raw, and we provide customers with complete customization from color to prints, embroidery, labels, packaging”, Luís Oliveira explains. Wonder Raw has the advantage of allowing a minimum of 50 pieces.

  1. Sampaio & Filhos presents a responsible and circular consumption model. “We design sustainable meshes with traceability and smart qualities. We promote natural organic mixtures from agriculture. Our knits have a green soul and also are perennial. Classics that go beyond fashion with their essence, with no expiry date or defined season”, says Inês Sampaio, from the communication and marketing department.

The expectations of TMG for Première Vision are high, as they feel "a growing interest in fixing the supply network in Europe, to the detriment of Asia", says Pedro Silva, R&D director, noting that the "United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States are customers who usually visit the fair”, and that the expectation is high. In this SS24 collection, “we can highlight the investment in hemp and linen articles, new regenerated cellulosic fibers, and functional technical fibers that allow the prominence adding to the product, emphasizing thermoregulation, moisture management, antibacterial, microcirculation…”, explains Pedro Silva.

TMR will be presenting its sports collection in greater volume and technicality. “We even have in the collection a t-shirt made of Cordura that won the Top Product award at ISPO”, says Miguel Máximo, head of finance and control at the company. “We are already at a point where customers and potential customers are counting on us at the fair, and we cannot fail them either with our presence or with the news”, states Miguel Máximo, making it a priority to reach “the high segment brands and preferably that incorporate enough technicality in the products, without them of sport or not.

The participation of Portuguese SME companies in Première Vision Paris is an initiative of Selectiva Moda and ATP – Portuguese Textile and Clothing Association, which aims to promote the internationalization of Portuguese companies in the Textile sector. This fair is in the “From Portugal” project, within the scope of the application submitted to the joint projects for the Internationalization of Portugal 2030.