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Portuguese entourage optimistic at Fabric Days

September is the time to return to some normality, and with that in mind the Portuguese textile industry will mark its presence in Munich, from September 1st to 3rd, at Fabric Days, a special and concentrated version of Munich Fabric Start. “HOPETIMISM” is the theme of the fair, a motto that matches the spirit of the Portuguese delegation departing to Germany.



Albano Morgado, Fitecom, Modelmalhas, SanMartin and Troficolor are the companies that make up the FROM PORTUGAL delegation with individual stand, accompanied by Paulo de Oliveira, Tessimax and Somelos. All together they will be present in Munich, from September 1st to 3rd, at Fabric Days. This is the first post-pandemic raw materials trade show and therefore expectations are high for the Portuguese entourage. 

For some years now, Selectiva Moda (ASM) has presented in each edition a Forum that aims demonstrate the excellence of the Portuguese textile sector, and in this edition, although most companies have decided not to be present physically, ASM's strategy was to maintain and reinforce this From Portugal Forum. In the raw materials sector, the forum presents the companies 6dias, A. Sampaio & Filhos Têxteis, S.A., Albano Morgado, S.A., Bloomati By Carvema Têxtil, Fitecom, J. Areal - Artigos Têxteis, Lda., João & Feliciano, S.A., Lurdes Sampaio, S.A., Modelmalhas, Rdd - Textiles, Lda., La Estampa – Le Europe, S.A., Sanmartim, Sidónios Malhas, S.A., Tintex Textiles, Trimalhas Knit Inspiration, S.A.; and in the sourcing department the companies António Manuel De Sousa, Lda., Raith Têxteis, Scoop e Top Trends Lda.

Participating in the Munich fair for over than five consecutive years, Modelmalhas did not hesitate to mark its presence in yet another edition, despite the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. "I believe that this situation may even be positive for the Portuguese industry since the proximity factor now has a much greater weight," says João Gomes, the company’s commercial agent.

“Fabric Days is one of the few face-to-face fairs taking place, and for us it will be very interesting because we are going to gather customers from various countries, such as Germany, Holland, Croatia and the Northern countries. We have a very busy schedule for the three days of the fair”, reports the Modelmalhas commercial.

As for the contingency plan implemented by the Fabric Days organization, which will have a considerably smaller exhibition area when compared to the Munich Fabric Start previous editions, João Gomes is “calm and confident in the security measures. We have to believe, trust and take our industry forward”, he concludes.

For SanMartin, also a regular presence at international fairs, Fabric Days represents a “unique business opportunity at a particularly complex time”, states Vera Lúcia, from the commercial area of the company which specializes in fabrics and fashion accessories. In Munich, SanMartin will present several novelties.

The optimism of the Portuguese delegation makes a faithful portrait of the theme of this special and concentrated edition of the Munich fair. With the motto “Hopetimism”, the organization of the German fair will bring together about 300 exhibitors, a selected list of representatives from the various international industries. The fair gave privilege to the partners with a greater number of attendances and also companies with a greater focus on sustainability, an area where Portugal has stood out over the last few years.

To strengthen the confidence and optimism between companies and visitors, the event –which starts this Tuesday – is also marked by a strong reinforcement of security measures. “It became clear to us from the beginning that the future will be planning events amid the virus, and not wait for the afterwards. We have implemented rules that allow us to hold a professional trade show in complete safety,” explained Frank Junker, creative director of the fair. Among the new measures are wider corridors and wider entrances and routes, which ensure a distance of 1.5 meters between people at any time. All information and contact swaps will also take place digitally.

Also present at the fair are the Portuguese companies Otojal, Penteadora, Riopele and Vilartex. The Portuguese companies participation in Fabric Days is an initiative of Selectiva Moda and ATP - Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal, which aims to promote the internationalization of Portuguese fashion companies. The project “From Portugal” is co- financed by Portugal 2020, under Compete 2020 - Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization, with an eligible support amount of €11.042.311,82, of which €6.065.501,91 comes through the European Regional Development Fund.