Associação Selectiva Moda
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A Sampaio & Filhos SA, A Têxtil Serzedelo, Albano Morgado, Acatel, Anbievolution, Brito Knitting, Burel Factory, Casa da Malha, Crispim Abreu, Familitex, Fitecom, Happy Probability, Joaps, Lemar, LMA, Le Europe/La Estampa, Luís Azevedo & Filhos, Lurdes Sampaio SA, Magma Têxtil, Modelmalhas, NGS Malhas, RDD, Sidónios Knitwear, Tintex, Trimalhas, Troficolor, Clariause, MAF/Filasa, Trifitrofa, Siena, Lima & Companhia, and TMR Fashion Clothing are the Portuguese companies that compose the FROM PORTUGAL entourage, which together with the Portuguese Adalberto Estampados, Paulo de Oliveira, Penteadora, Riopele, Tessimax, Somelos Tecidos, TMG, JFA, Tearfil and LRT  will mark their presence, from February 8th to 10th, in yet another edition of PV PARIS. 

Divided into fabrics, yarns, accessories, Smart creation and manufacturing, nearly fifty Portuguese companies will be present at another edition of Première Vision, in Paris Nord Villepinte, from February 8th to 10th. Altogether, almost forty Portuguese companies will be present in the fabrics sector of the renowned Parisian international event. In addition to the individual stands of each company, the Portuguese entourage will also be represented in the Fabrics Forum, a fundamental attraction of the FROM PORTUGAL project, as well as in the iTechstyle Green Circle Forum, which will highlight sustainable products. 

Participating uninterruptedly in PV Paris for over 20 years, LEMAR returns to “the main event of its kind in Europe, with the greatest tradition and number of visitors from all over the world”, describes Flávio Dias, the company’s export manager of the company, which will bring to Paris a reinforcement of the company’s sustainable and recycled fabrics. As for expectations, and after the September 2021 edition, which ended up being “a great surprise for Lemar”, the company hopes not only to find customers from traditional markets, but also to strengthen ties with Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Maghreb.

Described by the company as a “second home”, for Adalberto PV Paris is “fundamental, especially to promote face-to-face contact with our customers, which we miss so much right now”, explains Joana Girão Oliveira, Marketing & Communications Director of the company. “We want to be more than just a business, we want to bring real value to our customers and to the entire community linked to the fashion sector through innovative and differentiating products, which, combined with our design, place Adalberto in a very interesting position within the industry”, adds the Marketing & Communications Director of Adalberto, who will be present at PV Fabrics, but also in the Smart Creation area with many new novelties.

Happy Probability, a Portuguese company founded in 2015, makes its absolute debut at PV Paris, with the goal of promoting internationally its strategic partners the collections, and “increase the volume of business”, as outlined by Filipe Monteiro. The company has already scheduled meetings, and plans to strengthen relations with the North American and Australian markets.

Anbievolution has a different goal: after debuting in September 2021 at PV Paris, the company is now returning with the intention of entering the French market. “Last year it went very well, although we were not so well-prepared. This year we already know the fair, and I believe we will be much better prepared”, explains André Andrade. Presenting a new collection in the area of sustainability, Anbievolution now hopes to conquer the French market.

Also returning for the 2nd edition of PV Paris is Clariause, who hopes to “restore contacts, boost sales, and look for opportunities within new markets”, namely Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Morocco and the USA. Who says so is Lurdes Dias, commercial manager of the company, for whom “it seems positive to resume business activities, without ignoring the safety measures recommended by the health authorities”.

Circularity, quality and trust are the conceptual trilogy that Troficolor will bring to Paris for its 17th participation in the event. “We continue to invest in our range of environmentally responsible fabrics. More than 60% of the items in this collection are sustainable, and duly certified and supported by the competent authorities. For this season, we highlight natural fibres such as flax, fabrics with a blend of organic cotton and hemp, 100% organic cotton denim with mineral dyeing and, for the denim purists, our Selvedge range, which includes 100% organic cotton denim, with vegetal indigo”, reveals Sofia Azevedo, the company's export seller, who also highlights a new innovative and exclusive concept: ECODENIM. These are “ready-to-wear denim articles, without the need for additional processes after the garment is made, significantly reducing the consumption of water and energy resources”, she concludes.

In the anticipation of a gradual recovery until 2024, La Europe/ La Estampa already has five participations in PV Paris. “We expect more contacts via video conference, and a gradual resumption of the activity until 2024, and that is why we will have as a novelty an online service platform, and different commercial options”, reveals Joana Silva, from the company Satinskin, owner of the aforementioned brands.

Focused on the North American market, but also on traditional European markets such as Italy and France, it is with good expectations that Texser returns to the Parisian international event, “essential for the consolidation of international contacts”, explains Carla Pimenta. At PV, the company will present some novelties, namely in terms of sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, organic linen, eco vero viscose and natural flax.

Magma Têxtil debuted at the event in September 2021 with “a very positive response from customers”, says Joana Guimarães. “Première Vision is the international trade show that attracts the most customers and, as a consequence, one of the most interesting to participate in”, she reflects. For this edition of the PV, Magma Têxtil will take the “Alert” collection, which, explains Joana Guimarães, “focuses not only on eco-friendly fibers, but also on the quality of sustainable materials”.

A Portuguese heavyweight, and one of the first Portuguese companies to ever participate in PV Paris, Riopele is once again present at the event where the company’s results have always been very positive. “This year we will bet in nature-based proposals, with rustic fabrics in contrast with a luxurious, vibrant simplicity, exaggerated brightness and chromatically strong fluidity, always respecting the sustainable path of fabric creation”, describes Carlos Costa.

Present in two areas of the French fair – PV Fabrics and PV Smart Creation – RDD is very hopeful about returning to Paris in February 2022. “At PV Fabrics, the highlights will be the developments in Lyocell Bamboo, Seacell, Laranja, Ananaz and Banana; the new generation artificial blends with flax or hemp; as well as circose – a regenerated fibre produced from cotton waste. At PV Smart Creation, we will highlight the portfolio built in co-creation with PANGAIA SCIENCE”, explains Dolores Gouveia, marketing and design manager.

Considered the most important trade show for Fitecom, the company is excited about participating once more in PV Paris. “We hope that the situation will gradually return to normality, where European quality products, Fitecom’s segment, will become even more desirable and sought after”, wishes João Carvalho, CEO of the company, which to PV will take noble fabrics made with natural and biodegradable fibres, and a range of synthetic fibres rationally recycled, “aligning their industrial and energy conversion with the environment”, he concludes.

Participating uninterruptedly in the fair since 2016, A. Sampaio & Filhos is now bringing to Paris its SS23 collection, whose motto is circular fashion, namely in the areas of sport and fashion. “The market in which we operate require a lot of trust between partners, so the regular presence at these fairs helps to create lasting connections, so face-to-face contact is essential. Furthermore, given the high technicality, sustainability and degree of traceability of our products, it is very important to have the opportunity to meet with customers to explain products and processes in due detail”, adds Inês Sampaio, from the company’s communication and marketing department.

The participation of Portuguese SME companies in Première Vision Paris is an initiative of Associação Selectiva Moda and ATP – The Portuguese textile and Clothing Association, which aims to promote the internationalization of Portuguese companies in the fashion area. The “From Portugal” project is co-financed by Portugal 2020, within the scope of Compete 2020 - Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization, and Lisbon 2020 - Lisbon Regional Operational Program, with an eligible support amount of €6,648,794.78 , of which €3,735,305.80 come from the European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund.