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From Portugal Textiles take sustainability and innovation to Première Vision Digital

Première Vision Paris is traditionally the largest meeting point for European textiles, bringing together all the industry’s sectors and professionals from around the world. This year, from February 15th to 19th, the fair is replicated on digital platforms, and among exhibitors, the From Portugal entourage seeks to stand out by presenting new products, in an outstanding combination of technology and sustainability.

A Sampaio & Filhos – Têxteis, Acatel, Adalberto Estampados, Albano Morgado, Burel Factory, Crispim Abreu, Familitex, Fitecom, Filasa, JFA, Joaps – Malhas, La Estampa, Lemar, LMA, Luis Azevedo & Filhos, Lurdes Sampaio, NGS Malhas, RDD, Siena, Somelos Tecidos, Texser - Textil de Serzedelo, Tintex Textiles, TMG Textiles, Trimalhas, Troficolor Denim Makers and Vilartex

It is the biggest stage for the textile and clothing industry, and annually brings to Paris professionals from all over the world, ready to find novelties for the entire production chain, from fibres to clothing, knits, fabrics and other accessories. Première Vision, which this year won’t take place physically, remains on the agenda of visitors and exhibitors, from February 15th to 19th, in an entirely digital edition.

As usual, the Portuguese industry will be greatly represented by a vast entourage of companies. A. Sampaio & Filhos – Têxteis, Acatel, Adalberto Estampados, Albano Morgado, Burel Factory, Crispim Abreu, Familitex, Filasa, Fitecom, JFA, Joaps – Malhas,  La Estampa, Lemar, LMA, Luis Azevedo & Filhos, Lurdes Sampaio, NGS Malhas, RDD, Siena, Somelos Tecidos, Texser - Textil de Serzedelo, Tintex Textiles, TMG Textiles, Trimalhas, Troficolor Denim Makers and Vilartex make up the From Portugal entourage.

The Portuguese colours also present the sustainable showcase iTechStyle Green Circle, with examples of sustainable articles made by Portuguese companies. The project, endorsed by CITEVE and Associação Selectiva Moda, took advantage of a highly realistic and easy-to-navigate 3D VR Scanning technology to create a virtual gallery with 100% Portuguese outfits. A presentation on the sustainable vanguard of the Portuguese textile and clothing industry, with examples of recycled and recyclable fibres, as well as organic, natural and renewable threads, dyed without chemicals. The companies A. Sampaio, Estamparia Adalberto, JOAPS, LMA, NGS, RDD, Tintex and Troficolor will be represented in this showcase.

Despite the digital format, which does not fulfil all the companies' needs, the Portuguese exhibitors remain optimistic about the fair. "I believe that this season will be more positive when it comes to online editions since customers have no alternative in order to view the collections", says Carla Pimenta, Texser - Têxtil de Serzedelo CEO, one of the companies present. “There is always an essential component missing, the touch, but at the moment many customers are used to digital platforms, so it has become a little easier,” adds João Carvalho, Fitecom CEO.

The textile Lurdes Sampaio is also optimistic about this digital version. “We are hoping to get more contacts than the ones we got on the first edition because the platform is more optimized”, admits Alexandre Alves, the company’s manager of international clients, who at the fair hopes to dazzle with a collection made mostly from natural fibres.

Sustainability and innovation are the keywords of the entire Portuguese entourage, which asserts itself by presenting more responsible alternatives and higher performance materials. An example is LMA, which at the trade show will present a set of biodegradable polyester knits. “If conventional polyester takes 300 years to decompose, this new polyester just needs three years to do it. And the touch is excellent, almost like silk, and can be sublimated, which is essential for customizations in the sports market”, explains Luís Sousa Dias, the company’s commercial manager.

Troficolor is also presenting on PV Digital a sustainable innovation: 100% organic cotton coloured denims with natural dyeing. “We are focused on reducing resources and processes, and we will debut Denim and ready to dye articles, with different structures, compositions and weights”, adds Carlos Serra, CEO of the company that specializes in Denim.

At Joaps' digital stand, sustainability is also the mantra, with the company focusing on new organic and recycled fabrics. “Our new line is a clear bet on sustainable products. We have multiple structures of organic or recycled fabrics, with mixtures with liocell or linen, always in a combination of natural and recycled fibres”, explains Carla Araújo, the company’s commercial manager.

The same green wave sweeps through the Lemar catalogue. “We are working will all of these new fibres, from recycled polyester yarns from European suppliers, such as Seaquall and Newlife, to the biodegradable polyamide Amni Soul Eco or Lenzing's sustainable viscose. We have about 25 new products made from these fibres”, says Flávio Dias, the company’s Export Manager, ensuring that all fabrics are sent to suppliers to obtain the traceability certificate.

At Tintex, which also stands out for its focus on environmentally friendly fabrics, the big bet is interlock structures. “We always present versatile, timeless materials, common to various clothing segments. This year, we focus on interlock structures”, says the company's CEO, Ricardo Silva.

At the Burel digital stand several new articles will be presented, always inspired by the traditional fabric. “We are going to present three types of fabrics: the traditional burel, the manteca fabrics and the wool empire fabrics. For each one of them, we have different patterns, designs and colours, but this season the highlight are the green ones”, says Margarida Santos, the company's creative director.

Texser - Textil Serzedelo also sees environmental certification as a way to attract international customers. “We are going to present our 100% cotton and 100% linen line, with the organic variant with GOTS certification. We are also going to present sophisticated seersucker with fine yarns, and twisted yarns for high quality poplin”, lists Carla Pimenta, also mentioning the company's most traditional mixes: “cotton and linen, cotton and modal, cotton and lycra and bits of lurex”.

The Albano Morgado catalogue is another example of the Portuguese textile industry’s green momentum. “Sustainability is a growing concern, and has been in high demand in these markets. In the new catalogue, we bet on organic cottons and linen, and cotton blends”, says Belmira Rodrigues, the company's market manager, who has also prepared a series of new designs: “We focused on stripes and larger prints”.

The participation of Portuguese SME companies in Première Vision is framed by the From Portugal project, an initiative of Selectiva Moda and ATP - Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal, which aims to promote the internationalization of Portuguese companies in the fashion area. The “From Portugal” project is co-financed by Portugal 2020, within the scope of Compete 2020 - Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization, with an eligible support amount of € 11,042,311.82, of which € 6,065,501.91 comes from the European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund.