Associação Selectiva Moda
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A.Sampaio, ACS Moldes, Axfilia, Dehora, Dune Blue, Fall Safe, Heliotextil, Profartic, Sancar Socks, SWS Workwear, Unifardas, Ultra Creative are the companies in the FROM PORTUGAL delegation, joined by Endutex, Raclac and the CITEVE, participating in another edition of A + A to be held from October 24th to 27th in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Considered the largest and most important event in the world in the areas of safety, security, and health at work, the A + A fair returns to Dusseldorf in Germany and brings a strong delegation FROM PORTUGAL.

Having participated in A+A since 2019, it is with the certainty that this event has “brought international recognition with consequent growth and appreciation of the brand” that Unifardas returns to the event for the third time. “In 2020, we launched a sustainable collection with models aimed at health and well-being professionals – HISI Collection – developed from sustainable fabrics. Today, in 2023, HISI represents all items sold in the Unifardas online store, where the concepts of mobility and sustainability meet. (…) We also carry another collection, aimed at industry, where we introduce the concept of sustainability based mainly on Ecodesign”, describes Bruno Azevedo. With its eyes set on the European market and in some countries on the African continent, Unifardas has no doubt that A + A ”is already a milestone in the calendar, as we believe that our participation always brings a positive balance, be it in any way. It concerns sales and recognition in our individual and collective growth”, concludes Bruno Azevedo.

Profartic is the one who thinks in the same way, making its debut at A+A with the Martiform brand, considering it “one of the main events in the area of ​​professional workwear, making it a relevant fair to consider in the plan. The person who believes this is Ânia Martins, sales director, who reveals the collection theme in Dusseldorf: Earth Harmony. With this new collection, Martiform hopes to “strengthen its brand positioning” and “find customers with a more professional profile at the fair”, explains the sales director of the brand focused on the German, Italian, and French markets.

Who is returning to the event and has already had more than three editions with a positive balance is Ultra Creative, which considers that “the continued presence in this event” allows it to increase “its credibility as a company in the search for new customers”, says António Ferreira, CEO from the company. Among the new products to be presented at A+A, the CEO of Ultra Creative highlights "sustainable products with a strong color in order to attract customers even if they are not from our area of ​​work”. Specializing in workwear, the company already has several meetings scheduled mainly with customers from Finland, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, markets that represent 70% of its turnover.

Equally confident is Dehora, after having two editions as an exhibitor and four as a visitor, is adamant in stating: “The biggest players in the sector are all exhibiting or visiting at this fair. The advantage of personal contact is the ease with which ideas can be exchanged, projects discussed, and solutions found between a pleasant conversation and a technical discussion about materials and products.”, considers Noélia Sampaio. Looking for customers “with technical products in the PPE’s area”, the company hopes to expand its customer network by presenting its portfolio and associated skills.

With more experience at A + A, and present in the event since 2011, comes A. Sampaio. This type of market requires a lot of trust between partners, so regular presence at these fairs helps to create lasting connections, in which face-to-face contact is essential. Furthermore, given the high technicality of the products, it is relevant to have the opportunity to meet with customers to explain the products in due detail”, explains Inês Sampaio from the communication and marketing department. As for the news, the company highlights: “our knitwear brand Protection+ by A. Sampaio, in which we present proposals for certified knitwear for personal protective clothing. In this edition of the fair, we will present the latest A. Sampaio developments in protective knitwear: FR blends with merino wool, FR knitwear certified for electric arcs with the possibility of industrial washing, anti-cut knitwear, and multi-norm knitwear, including Softshell FR, in HV colors, among others”, summarizes.

Participating in A+ A for the first time, Raclac is excited to travel to Dusseldorf. The company hopes to meet “a diverse audience of professionals in the field of occupational safety, including company representatives, occupational health and safety professionals, and distributors. Our expectation is that participants will be interested in innovative solutions whose main purpose is to protect”, says Rita Nunes Pinto. Among the new products, the company chooses the safest gloves _ R.Advance | The Safest Glove: “a product represents a significant innovation, which completely breaks with convention: safer gloves, innovative and patented packaging and sustainability through design”, explains Rita Nunes Pinto.

CITEVE is also enthusiastic about participating in A+A, explains Cristina Castro, public relations. “We will present solutions in defense/military, workwear, and corporate areas”. In fact, in this last item, CITEVE is preparing a new feature: the 360º. “Basically, it is a service in which we propose to support companies that want to define new corporate clothing: from a pre-design phase in which we assess the needs and objectives to support in the choice of materials and creative process”, explains Cristina Castro.

The participation of Portuguese SMEs in A + A is an initiative of Seletiva Moda and ATP - Portuguese Textile and Clothing Association, which aims to promote the internationalization of Portuguese companies in the textile sector. This fair is in the From Portugal project, within the scope of the application presented to the Portugal 2030 joint internationalization projects.